Emmanuel Salaries Solutions Celebrates 1st Anniversary with Massive Donations
Emmanuel Salaries Solutions Celebrates 1st Anniversary with Massive Donations

Emmanuel Salaries Solutions Celebrates 1st Anniversary with Massive Donations

Emmanuel Salaries Solutions Ltd (ESSL) with the motto: God with us celebrated their first anniversary by reaching out to the less privileged with massive donations in Freetown.

Emmanuel Salaries Solutions Celebrates 1st Anniversary with Massive Donations
Emmanuel Salaries Solutions Celebrates 1st Anniversary with Massive Donations

ESSL visitation which took place last Friday 14th May 2021, coincided with the birthday of the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of that Company, Hon. Segepoh Solomon Thomas, Deputy Speaker of the House of Parliament.

Emmanuel Salaries Solutions visited the Milton Margai School for the Blind at Wilkinson Road, Mahanaim Orphanage Disable Children Home, Grafton and God’s Will Children Home and War Widows for Christ.

 Each of these homes receive assorted food items which included 15 bags of rice (50K), three bags of Onions, cooking oil and palm oil (4 five gallon) tomatoes, Maggie and bundles of pure water among others worth over 50 Million Leones.

In his address to those homes and schools, Hon. Segepoh Solomon Thomas, Deputy Speaker of the House of Parliament and Chairman and Chief Executive Officer ESSL disclosed that ESSL was established on the 12th of May 2020 as a way of fulfilling scriptures and to serve humanity.

He informed his audience that they came to share some of the profit with the school and the homes.

“Inspiration made us to share with you, we could as well have made loud party but if you are blessed by God you have to reach out to the less privilege.”

He went on to explain that ESSL is a company that is offering salary loan to people that need emergency fund.

According to him they were looking for simple and fast solution for people to get loan in less than 30 minutes cutting down the long bank protocols.

Hon. Segepoh Solomon Thomas went on to say that the Company was launched very closed to his birthday and through that, they decided to have a glow celebration, his birthday and that of the company.

“We are here to visits and share with you what God Has given us. You are strong and powerful children. I want to use this opportunity to thank you deeply from our heart for accepting our gifts.”

He promises to continue to pray for the children for the Lord to continue to make them stronger day by day for them in turned contribute to their school and nation.

Hon. Segepoh Solomon Thomas also took along his four children for them to learn from him and also know how life is for others.

Mrs. Georgiana Solomon-Thomas, wife of the Honorable Deputy Speaker said as the Lord is blessing them, so they will continue to remember them, that is why they decided to celebrate the birthday with them to share the little God has given them.

Apostle Victor Lake said they are grateful of the reception as their presence there is not a showoff but for them to acquaint themselves with them.

Headmaster of the Milton Margai School for the Blind, Mr. Turay welcomed his guests to that institution and thank them for making such wonderful donation to the school. 

Head of Mahanaim Orphanage Disable Children Home, Grafton, Hawa Mboyawa expressed gratefulness to God for what He is doing.

She explained that as a disable herself she is taking care of other disable as a show case of what they can do despite their condition.

She said they can do something to improve other people’s lives as disable.

“For reaching out to 40 vulnerable children in such way, God will enlarge your cost,” she prayed.

Head of God’s Will Children’s Home, Margaret Tucker, said the home started in 2004 just after Sierra Leone Civil War with 25 children.

She said from that time, some of the children have grown and have left the home for higher education.

Currently, she said the home have 15 children along with the War Widows for Christ.

She described the donation as first in the home history and for the honorable to cut cake with them on that day. 

Earlier, ESSL Operations Manager, Mr. Ndomahina described the visit as a very big privilege for them to be with them.

He said among many institutions in the country they decided to come the School for the Blind and the two orphanage homes. Hon. Segepoh Solomon Thomas family and the ESSL team interacted with the children and staff of those home and school.

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